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Have you recently injured yourself due to the negligence of a property owner? Under standard Connecticut law, a landowner is liable for certain civil wrongs that occur on their property. If a visitor is harmed due to unsafe or defective conditions, there will be a price to pay.

In these instances, the court is placed in charge of determining who was truly at fault. If you were harmed due to unsafe property conditions, it’s imperative that you track down a skilled attorney to prove your case. In slip and fall cases, your lawyer should separate property negligence from your own carelessness, and help you gain a favorable verdict.

To ensure that you receive the proper compensation for your injury, one must be able to prove that a property owner was at fault. With the assistance of the Law Office of Jennifer DeCastro Tunnard, you’ll gain an invaluable ally in this battle. No matter the specific conditions surrounding your injury, we’d like to sit down for a consultation.

So don’t waste another moment. When it comes to Premise & Liability cases, time is of the essence. All you have to do is reach out to one of our knowledgeable representative to set the legal process in motions. Simply call (203)798-7200 to schedule your next consultation.

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